Saturday, October 9, 2010

KUSF 02.27.09 Guest DJ Hour DJ Cryptacize with DJ Stereo Steve


the exciters - remember
biff rose - molly
john coltrane - like someone in love
emaboy tsegue-maryan guebron - evening breeze
half handed cloud - we don't know how it grows
edan - key bored
cleoma falcon - blues negres
miles davis - i loves you porgy

sun city girls - the shining path
barbara lewis - puppy love
cryptacise - blue tears
harry partch - isobel
ghana ancient ceremonies - dzil duet (accra)
nina simone - i get along without you very well
shirley collins & davy graham -

lou johnson - the last one to be loved

KUSF 02.24.09 Guests Sleepy Sun DJ Harmony

Guests Sleepy Sun with DJ Harmony
Sleepy Sun is a California band from many Californias. They hail from the rolling oak and sage hills of Sierra Gold Country, The San Francisco Peninsula, where Kesey raged and the Dead were once Warlocks, and the forever-sunshine climes of the Southland. They came together—young and garage strutting in the coastal Northern California crucible of Santa Cruz. And there they birthed the Sleepy sound—dead blues shaken alive, razor sharp and ramblin’, soul, sonic science and dead-on pop surgery. Wooden, earthy, stratospheric, and swinging…California music of beautiful contrasts for conflicted times.

KUSF 02.16.09 Guests Ty Segal and John Dwyer with DJ Emily Rose

Guests John Dwyer and Ty Segall

Bio: Somewhere beyond nostalgia, beyond the garage, somewhere beyond the fireside song and supposed goo-rock, you will find the latest incarnation of Thee Oh Sees, now a quartet composed of John Dwyer (OCS, Coachwhips, Pink & Brown), Brigid Dawson, Petey Dammit!, and Mike Shoun. The prolific John Dwyer contends again for best album of his career with The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In, out April 8, 2008 on Tomlab/Castle-Face. Following 2007's understated and unjustly ignored Sucks Blood, The Master's Bedroom weaves Dwyer's signature AM radio howl with the catchiest of driving tunes, Dawson's gorgeous harmonies, heightened fidelity, thick spring-reverbed bombast, mighty drums (at times in pairs), and an undeniable pull.

KUSF 02.06.09 Guest DJ Hour DJ Pillars of Silence with DJ Stereo Steve

Pillars of Silence are a San Francisco band featuring members of Conspiracy of Beards and Brilliant Colors with an ensemble of talented friends who add nice touches throughout including Sean Smith, Jeffrey Luck Lucas and engineer Jesse Parsons, who worked the boards on other great San Francisco debuts by folks like Tussle, Pale Hoarse and Vetiver. But truth be told none of that matters so much, as it's the songs and music that Pillars of Silence have crafted on this debut that stand out so dramatically. These songs melt with such a satisfying and lasting warmth. Lush reverb, textured but never too busy instrumentation and such gorgeous vocals that come together to create songs that have that rare ability to feel both familiar and so totally new and refreshing. There are lots of comparisons to throw around, we hear the smoke and haziness of Mazzy Star and Opal, the crisp and truthful delivery of Smog and the lush and melancholic delivery of Moon Pix-era Cat Power. There are so many songs from this record that we already know will become staples of mixes we make for friends, crushes and true loves. Pillars Of Silence have earned themselves a place near Citay and Vetiver as another of San Francisco's finest songsmiths. Highly recommended!"

oscar the grouch - mud
ruben and the jets - anyway the wind blows

jimmy forrest - mr good beat
jimmy reed - honest i do
memphis slim - mother earth
black lips - vendi vendi vendi

sean smith - topinanbour

sand witches - back to the sea
barrence whitfield - big mamou
king khan and bbq show - i'll never belong
wavves - vermin
tindersticks - yesterday's tomorrows

beach boys - mona
nina simone - suzanne
west coast pop art experimental band - i won't hurt you
turtles - so goes love

the reaction - i can't dance with you

KUSF 02.02.09 Guitar Journeys DJ Fari

Babak Falsafi is a classical guitarist with unique sound and repertoire. He was born in Iran where the Persian, Armenian, Turkish, Moorish and Kurdish cultures meet. This resulted an outstanding trait of his scholarship personality "cosmopolitan and culturally diverse". He began to play the guitar at the age of nine and since then has been pioneering new boundaries in classical guitar. Upon immigration of his mentor and teacher master Iranian guitarist Bagher Moazen to Canada, Babak just at the age of 14 dedicated his life to teaching and performing classical guitar by popular demand in his native Iran.
The sound of his guitar was always heard on the national TV and radio where he occasionally performed An Attempt, in the Prison and The Good Children of the South as some of the main compositions of Bagher Moazen. As a youngster Babak always dreamed of becoming a guitarist or a scientist. Years later he dropped his pursuit of an engineering degree when he realized that his stronger passion was for music. Babak was the first Iranian Guitarist to perform a solo recital in public after long abandonment of public music performance in Iran which occurred from 1978 to 1992. This performance was organized by the newly reformed at the time Iranian Music Society in Roodaki Hall of Tehran in 1992. He was also invited to collaborate with the Iran-Austria Cultural Center of Tehran to organize a guitar talent show and masterclass which was taught by Leo Witoszynsky in 1996. As a young pedagogue Babak not only successfully bridged between the famous Tehran House of Guitar and the younger generation of Iranian guitarists but also pioneered new methods and trained several guitarists who were the first group of young artists to enter the guitar departments of universities in Iran in early 90s. After his breathtaking performance in the embassy of the Czech Republic in Tehran he received an official invitation and scholarship to study in the Prague Conservatory of Music from 1997 to 1999. During his stay in Prague he both enjoyed student and professional life when besides studying at the conservatory he was assigned the artistic director of Prague International School of Music and fine Arts. Despite his fruitful and enjoyable life in the Czech Republic he immigrated to the United States to join his family in 1999.
Babak is a graduate of San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he studied with Marc Teicholz and worked from 2001 to 2006. During the recent years he dedicated his summers to teaching and performing in Iran and served as a founding member, president and conductor of Iranian Guitar Orchestra which was established in Iran in 2004. He managed to take the orchestra to Ordu Guitar Festival in Turkey to perform in 2005 and in the same year founded the Tehran Guitar Competition in Iran. Currently Babak and his wife reside together in San Jose, CA. Babak is on the board of San Jose School of Guitar which makes its home at Le Petit Trianon Theater in down town San Jose. He continues to work at SJSG on different projects as a scholar, pedagogue, composer and producer.

KUSF 01.30.09 Guest DJ's Carlton Evans and Eric Slutkin Disposable Film Festival DJ Irwin

Selected by MovieMaker Magazine as one America’s “coolest film festivals,” the Disposable Film Festival was created in 2007 by Eric Slatkin and Carlton Evans to celebrate the artistic potential of disposable video: short films made on non-professional devices such as cell phones, still cameras, webcams, and other readily available video capture devices. The Disposable Film Festival offers a forum dedicated to the creative potential of this new mode of filmmaking through screenings, competitions, and other events to showcase the best work within the disposable genre. Based in San Francisco, the festival travels across North America and internationally. Check out our events page to find out when we'll be in a city near you.
maggi payne - motor rhythms
matt ingalls - scherzo
luc ferrari - tautologos 1

cliff caruthers - the house on a hill
thom bluhm - j-wake (excerpt)
max v matthews - bicycle built for two
edgard varese - desert:interpolation

paul lansky - her song (6 fantasies on a poem by thomas campion)
felipe otondo - ciguri (excerpt)
maximilian marcoll - folgesatze

kent jolly - cymbal (excerpt)

KUSF 01.27.09 Jen Baker Live In Studio B DJ Schmeejay

Jen Baker : trombone and voice

Trombonist Jen Baker is a new music specialist and has performed internationally in ensembles spanning from orchestra to free improvisation. Baker has performed and collaborated with Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, Yoko Ono, Cecil Taylor, Leo Wadada Smith, Joelle Leandre, Alvin Curran, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and choreographers Susan Marshall and Mark Dechiazzi. She has performed in the International and Eastern Trombone Workshops, London's Barbican Center, Lincoln Center Outdoors, No’west Improvised Music Festival, Kennedy Center's Women in Jazz Festival, International Society of Improvised Music (ISIM) Conference, Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Santa Cruz Symphony, and Vermont Symphony. An active commissioner of new solo works for trombone, she has performed new solo works on the east and west coasts. Baker’s solo multiphonic project, Lyrical Vibrations, has been performed around the country and can also be heard on her solo album, Blue Dreams. She is currently performing transcriptions of her own improvisations and collaborating with other composers in her ongoing attempt to improve the repertoire for solo trombone. Baker can also be heard on Werner Herzog’s soundtrack Encounters at the End of the World, Bang on A Can's Asphalt Orchestra, and the Mountain Goats Get Lonely album. Her solo and improvisation works can be heard on Music + One on Rastascan Records, Untitled 1959 on Kadima, and Blue Dreams on her own label, Dilapidated Barns. Jen freelances in New York City and has taught music extensively in composition, improvisation, classical brass and piano, and homemade instruments. Aside from teaching and performing, she has a sound healing practice using the didgeridoo and other instruments. She received music degrees from Oberlin Conservatory (BM) and Mills College (MFA).

KUSF 01.23.09 Guest DJ Oxbow DJ Stereo Steve

Oxbow is a long-lived Avant-Garde band out of San Francisco, California notable for a unique sound. Oxbow plays a blend of Noise rock, Avant-garde jazz, Musique concrète (AMG), and Blues, creating soundscapes caustic, or plangent, with overtones of paranoia, revulsion, exaltation.

guido & maurizio - driving all around
oxbow - the valley
johnnie ray - tell the lady i said goodbye
conifer - crown fire
karin krog - maiden voyage/lazy afternoon
scott walker - it's raining today
oxbow - gal
caetano veloso - acrilirico
barry adamson - the man with the golden arm
easy action - what's the deal
johnny mathis - i concentrate on you

KUSF 01.23.09 Mi Ami with DJ Irwin

interview/guest dj set with MI AMI:
Mi Ami is committed to their own particular joyful noise, to the intersection of vicious high-energy playing with ebullient communal experience. To this end, the live shows are about creating a vibrant emotional space in which waves of music/sound guide the band and audience through a psychic space marred with claustrophobia, paranoia and dread, yet emerging into the light of ecstatic being.

MI AMI, echonoecho
STEVE REICH, tehillim
KRISMA, miami
WILD OATS, i heart dr. girlfriend
MICHELE, disco dance (patrick cowley mix)
INITIALS, message in the music

KUSF 01.09.09 Guest DJ Jen Grady and DJ Stereo Steve

os mutantes - ando meio desligado
dr dog - easy beat
antibalas - che che cole
marnie stern - put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket
califone - stepdaughter

zabrahams - boxers are secretless lovers
sholi - hejrat
annette poindexter - mama
dame satan - suffering daughter

dungen - panda
p:ano - failure
riley duckett - ragged but right
the blue sky boys - alabama

KUSF 01.08.09 Interview with Reed Miller, Marty Walker, Rick Cox and DJ Bryan Chandler

One reason so many Cold Blue recordings are so good is that they feature production far better than classical music listeners are accustomed to hearing. Most recordings of chamber music, no matter how good they sound, are just documents of music written for the stage rather than the studio. Chamber music composers almost never adjust their scores to adapt to studio environments, so what musicians play in a piece in its onstage premiere is exactly what they play in the studio. Recordings of classical music are typically treated as documents rather than creative works in themselves. There are some notable exceptions, such as the ECM label . . . and, now, the Cold Blue label . . . that feature beautiful and direct production." —Charlie Wilmoth, Dusted Magazine

KUSF 01.02.09 Guest DJ Hour with New Thrill Parade and DJ Stereo Steve

New Thrill Parade formed in August 2004 in Santa Cruz. then we began to flounder. we began to flounder. now we continue to flounder. gothsploitation in its purest form and with that; a new era begins.

wildildlife - things will grow
late young - suez canal
daddy crimbo - out the bottom
prize hog - rain song
new thrill parade - wine tasting
residual echoes - fresh eyes
the judy experience - judy is rising
zdrasvootie - from time immemorial
ghost ship - untitled
swanifant - steps
countless others - better son

KUSF 12.19.08 Guest DJ Hour With Blanketship and DJ Stereo Steve

Like a great chef going to the farmer's market in the early morning to find the freshest, tastiest ingreidents for that evening's menu; so Jared Blüm aka Blanketship, picks his way through the dusty vinyl at his local Goodwill outlet. He chops them up and whips them into a heady brew he has dubbed "Thrift Store Rock."

Unlike more typical sound collage outfits, Blanketship's tunes work as songs. By keeping true to a melodic sensibility and composition, Blanketship keeps your ears on their toes, creating a work that is both amusing and erie.

Think of Blankethsip as a band rather than a single artist. A group made up of dozens of trained and untrained musicians tied together by an eccentric composer/arranger challenging your aural standards.

blanketship - royal ear
blanketship - viva butterfy
ferrante & teicher - yesterdays
jan boerman - dezee
jet harris and tony meehan - besame mucho
people like us & ergo phizmiz - social dance song
people like us - music of your own
les baxter - devils witchsong
christian marclay - nightmusic
dymaxion - intonuamori

lambingan - relly coloma

the beach boys - she's goin bald
the mamas and papas - got a feeling
the focus group - look hear now
vytear - leonard sharpnel
pink floyd - summer 68
turkish star wars theme
delia derbyshire - nightwalker
faust - dr schwitter
wendy carlos and rachel elkind - the shining main theme
borful tang - magnificent
unknown child / temptations - silent night
ralph jones - valerie does battle
oval - szenariodisk
miles davis - rated x
beaks plinth - kassette 3
stockhausen - strucktur xiii e

marty manning - spellbound concert

dan weiss - 36 & 37
beaks plinth - tdk 2
curtis mayfield - we've only just begun
the rolling stones - she's a rainbow
blanketship - blanketown

KUSF 12.12.08 Guest DJ Shaggy Manatee with DJ Stereo Steve

Shaggy Manatee has worked with countless artists recording and producing an ecclectic collection of sound, from Electro-fried Gangsta Rap to Melancholy Breakbeat to Hybrid Bay Hop to Experimental Pop. As a founding member of Pancake Circus he pushed the envelope of what is allowed in music and continues to strive for new sound through his work at Quake Trap. His first official solo release, In Between, brings all of the elements together, past, present, and future to create a masterwork as varied as everything that came before it. Alternately heavy, fun, dark, bouncy, hard, strange, deep, and absurd, In Between is like most things you might find here at Quake Trap: Like nothing that you have ever heard before...and instantly familiar.

ravi shankar - maru bihag
quake break - save yourself (no one else cares)
black sabbath - into the void
otis redding - fa-fa -fa-fa fa-fa (sad song)
bob marley - one love
shaggy manatee - get it straight
nina simone - house of the rising sun
ella fitzgerald - the first noel
minutemen - bob dylan wrote propaganda songs/one chapter in the book
david bowie - she shook me cold
can - vitamin c
run dmc - hard times
neil diamond - red red wine

KUSF 12.05.08 DJ Irwin with Jonas Reinhart

DJ Irwin with Guest Jonas Reinhart

Jonas Reinhardt is a four-piece American electronic music group from San Francisco, California, signed to Kranky Records. The band's sound is influenced by electronic music of the 1970s, particularly in the use of analog synthesizers and keyboards. A debut full-length was released in 2008, with a follow-up issued in 2010.

JONAS RENHARDT, modern by nature
MICHAEL ROTHER, klangkorper
VISITORS, joyo can you hear
METHUSALEM, robotism
JONAS REINHARDT, tandem suns

KUSF 11.28.08 Guest DJ Leah from Great American Music Hall With DJ Stereo Steve

San Francisco's oldest and grandest nightclub, the Great American Music Hall carries guests back to an earlier, more elegant era, with its ornate balconies, soaring marble columns and elaborate ceiling frescoes. Long-time customers and newcomers alike feel at home in the 5,000-square-foot concert hall that symbolized renewal and optimism when it opened in 1907. Today, a professional sound and lighting system, two full bars, a modern kitchen and a spacious oak dance floor help to blend contemporary quality with turn-of-the-century graciousness.

arcade fire - my body is a cage
otis redding - pain in my heart
bruce springsteen - hungry heart
john lennon - gimme some truth
built to spill - else
pure prairie league - fallling out of love
townes van zandt - be here to love me
elliott smith - tomorrow tomorrow
taj mahal - corinna
iron and wine - upward over the mountain
rolling stones - you got the silver
mama cass - dream a little dream of me
radiohead - reckoner
the velvet underground - oh sweet nothin'

KUSF 11.21.08 Guest DJ Harbours Band with Stereo Steve

The Harbours are a band from the Mission District of San Francisco. Beginning in the wake of another band's hiatus, the Harbours were formed to play & record the songs of M. Zelaya. The songs are lyrical rock music that leans towards 60's psych rock as well as modern indie rock.

Read more:

guest dj hour: harbours
the idle race - morning sunshine
harry nillsson - she sang hymns out of tune
alice cooper - beautiful flyaway
the byrds - wasn't born to follow
sir douglas quintet - mendocino
two sheds - no place
lo borges - o trem azul
the artesians - trick bag
bee gees - every christian lion hearted man will show you
gram parsons - strong boy
buffalo springfield - burned
gordon lightfoot - early morning rain
harbours - let me back in
they come in threes - electric eel electric vibe
guided by voices - a salty salute
paul mccartney & wings - mumbo

KUSF 11.07.08 Guest DJ Man/Miracle with Stereo Steve

Oakland-based rock band Man/Miracle releases their debut record, "The Shape of Things," February 24th on Third Culture Records.

Man/Miracle is a group formed by childhood friends Tyler Corelitz and Dylan Travis in the winter of 2006 with Ian Benedetti and Brian Kennedy in Santa Cruz, California. The guitar-based four piece treads the fine line between pop and noise, gorgeous melody and abrasive, aggressive walls of sound, all tempered by Corelitz's innate and eclectic rhythmic ear.

These tendencies are evidenced on their debut album, "The Shape of Things," to be released on Third Culture Records. Produced, recorded, and mixed primarily by Eli Crews (WHY?, Deerhoof, Beulah), "The Shape of Things" is the perfect entry point for new listeners to the band. At turns raw, catchy, literate, and bizarre, these songs are testament to the group's refusal to be pigeonholed.

In addition to their new full-length, Man/Miracle has thus far released a (now sold out) EP and a 7" single, "Pushing and Shoving." Much attention has also been focused on their live shows, which are renowned in the Bay Area for their unhinged energy and cathartic chaos. With the release of their debut album and string of tour dates, Man/Miracle is poised to deliver their unique sound to the world outside of the Bay.

guest dj: man/miracle
they might be giants - no one knows my plan
man/miracle - pushing and shoving
dinosaur jr - they always come
animal collective - peacebone
jawbreaker - condition oakland
pizza - at the disco
fugazi - birthday pony
tim buckley - monterey
xiu xiu - clowne towne
king sunny ade - iro
polvo - lantern
man/miracle - you've got a hold on me

KUSF 10.24.08 Guest DJ Budget Rock Mitch with Stereo Steve

guest dj hour: budget rock

Budget Rock Showcase has grown to be the West Coast's longest running festival for trashy, out of tune (formerly known as "garage") Rock'N'Roll and other wacked out music otherwise ignored by the Indie Rock Establishment.

Read more:
the mummies - high heel sneakers
the pets - can't keep myself straight
head - i've made my peace with the hippies
roy loney - 100 miles an hour
nothing people - suspicious
clone defects - shapes of venus
nodzzz - we are the only animals
lamps - rototiller
rip offs - now i know it's yon
mayyors - metro
hank iv - oyster
the cuts - do the sleeper
bobbyteens - i wanna go round
supercharger - ice pick
mayyors - fatigure
the clean - oddity
gories - smashed
fm knives - summer holiday
teengenerate - 1979
hank iv - diamond cutter/hole in my eye

KUSF 10.22.08 Guest Todd Sklar Filmmaker DJ TO Ted

Box Elder (2008) is an American independent film. It was written and directed by Todd Sklar, his first feature film. The film stars Alex Rennie, Nick Renkoski, Chad Haas, as well as Sklar.

Guest Todd Sklar

KUSF 10.22.08 Guests DJ Tim Kaine and Martin Pike Stereolab DJ Nobody

Stereolab's music combines a droning rock sound with lounge instrumentals, and overlays it with singsong female vocals and pop melodies. Their records are heavily influenced by the motorik technique of 1970s krautrock groups such as Neu! and Faust.[42] Tim Gane has supported the comparison: "Neu! did minimalism and drones, but in a very pop way."[43] Stereolab's style also incorporates easy-listening music of the 1950s and '60s. Said Joshua Klein in The Washington Post, "Years before everyone else caught on, Stereolab was referencing the 1970s German bands Can and Neu!, the Mexican lounge music master Esquivel and the decidedly unhip Burt Bacharach

Guests DJ Tim Gane and Martin Pike from Stereolab with DJ Nobody

KUSF 10.17.08 3-6 PM Guest DJ Teal with Stereo Steve

KUSF 10.15.08 12-3 PM Guests The Moondoggies djPUSH

The Moondoggies are a four-piece band from Seattle that plays timeless American music. Warm three-part harmonies, gothic Rhodes organ, and wanderlust guitar mark a sound rooted in boogie blues and cosmic country; whip-smart songwriting leads to hook-heavy tunes that bristle with originality. Led by 22-year-old singer/guitarist Kevin Murphy, the Moondoggies are intent on artistic balance. They're a serious band with a silly name. They play music that speaks of travel but is strongly connected to its place of origin. They're young musicians continuing a legacy that goes back generations. Songs that unravel over seven sinuous minutes are somehow catchy and compact.

With the Moondoggies Live!

KUSF 09.23.08 Radio Carolyn Guest King Kahn with DJ Carolyn

King Khan and the Shrines, sometimes referred to as King Khan and (His) Sensational Shrines or The Supreme Genius of King Khan and His Sensational Shrines are a Berlin-based garage rock and psychedelic soul band.
Founded in 1999 by the twenty-two year old King Khan, formerly of Canadian garage rock outfits The Spaceshits (where he operated under the pseudonym Blacksnake) and Kukamongas. The band is noted for its impressive stage antics. Typically King Khan is scantily clad, and the overwhelming frontman. His performances feature a cheerleader, and a mixture of instrumentation including, but not limited to: keyboard, baritone saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums. He played an energetic concert at the 2008 Pitchfork Music Festival.
Khan also currently plays with fellow former Spaceshit member, Mark Sultan, in the King Khan & BBQ Show, a doo-wop and punk inspired two-man band.

1st Hour

2nd Hour